At Long Last...The New Chocolate Lounge is Open

If you've heard anything about the food scene in Asheville, surely you've heard about the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. They probably run neck in neck with Curate  in terms of press coverage received in recent years (both deservedly so, in my opinion).  Their new home is located on Pack Square right next to the Asheville Art Museum, and it is a huge upgrade on the old location in scale, content and design. The light filled, open space offers much more room to sit and wait in the inevitable line, and they've added a store that sells their new homemade ice cream and truffles (now you don't have to wait in line for those to-go  items, a huge improvement). You can be sure they still have the same delicious items we've all come to love, such as my personal favorites: chocolate topped macaroons, coconut brownies and chocolate dipped ginger cookies. Really, you can't go wrong with anything there...assuming you like rich, high quality chocolate, that is.