I Love Clasique

Clasique Studio in downtown Asheville is a gem for locals and tourists alike, both for the variety of services they offer and the wonderfully smart and enthusiastic people who work there. Clasique has acupuncturists, massage therapists and Pilates instructors, and many of the instructors teach two of the three!  

Pilates is one of those exercise regimes that you could do all day without breaking a sweat, walking away saying "that's too easy!", but that is why you need excellent instruction! And you know who can offer plenty of that - the folks at Clasique. I highly recommend some private sessions with one of their instructors so that you can really learn the moves and positioning both so you don't hurt yourself and so that you really get the deep core workout you are looking for (I assume you want this - if not, get a massage and acupuncture treatment instead!). 

Rumor has it that Clasique will soon be moving just down the street to a beautiful, larger space, so check out their website before you go. The studio is within walking distance to both of our places - the Asheville Urban Nest and Drover's Way - tell Brooke we sent you.