Child Friendly Places to Dine in Asheville (Fun for Adults Too!)

I often have guests ask for recommendations on where to go with their kids, but that will be fun for them too (Chuck E Cheese is not what we're after here). So, here are a few recommendations I made to my most recent inquiry about this:

"All Souls Pizza is a good choice on a nice evening - they have picnic tables, really great food, and a field next door where kids can run around. It's in the RAD (River Arts District), a few minutes drive from condo (if you're lucky you can pick up a loaf of Farm and Sparrow bread from their front counter to take home). Your daughter might enjoy the Friday night drum circle at the end of the block in Pritchard Park. There is a creperie on Lexington (down hill from condo) in the courtyard behind Bouchon - they have outdoor seating, candles and often live music. It is owned by Bouchon, but not as fancy. A fun casual pizza chain called Mellow Mushroom is nearby as well with outdoor seating (but All Souls is more special, more seasonally fresh). And everyone loves the French Broad Chocolate Lounge at Pack Place, but go early to avoid the line. As for festivals, there is almost always something going on during the summer weekends, so keep an eye out. Buskers often line the sidewalks downtown on warm nights, so you are sure to find entertainment.

The Bywater is a bar by the river that is kid friendly too. There is the new Sierra Nevada plant that I haven't been to yet, but it is supposed to be amazing with a restaurant, outdoor seating, etc. It's about a 20 minute drive from the Urban Nest. There is always Biltmore too! You can't go wrong there".

We anxiously await the opening of the Smoky Park Dinner Club - another riverside venue that will have a great restaurant and the building is constructed from storage containers! It is supposed to open this summer.