Beer City USA?

Asheville has been named “BeerCity USA” more than once, and I just read this article in AVL Today that says we now have 30 breweries and still counting! For what was a sleepy little town when I moved here in 2000, that is kind of incredible. I was never a beer drinker until recent history, after my young adult daughters took me to Burial Brewing and I took a sip of their Surf Wax IPA while we were hanging out playing cards one day. Suddenly I realized I LOVE BEER, but only this beer…after trying other IPAs I learned that I mostly like the super hoppy flavor of IPAs, sometimes as much as I love a glass of wine, which has been my favorite comfort drink for years. Who knew? As of right now our family favorite breweries are Burial, Zilicoa and Twin Leaf. Find yours!